International Chamber of Commerce launches new cyber security guide for business

April 29, 2015

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched a new, free-to-download cyber security guide to help protect businesses. The guide sets out key strategies for businesses to consider in order to guard themselves against the ever growing danger of cyber threats and the damage that such risks pose.

The new guide offers advice on how businesses can and should identify, manage and resolve cyber security risks. It is specifically aimed at those without a background in IT, and is written and designed to be accessible to all. It comprises of an introductory section setting out the five principles to adopt when approaching risks commonly associated with cyber security incidents.

This is followed by an overview of six essential actions to optimise cyber security systems. The third section sets out ways in which these principles and actions can be effectively implemented by businesses, depending on the nature of their organisation.

Lastly the guide provides a security self-assessment questionnaire, allowing all companies to use the Cyber Security Guide’s self-assessment tool to evaluate their own organizations’ cyber risks and to take appropriate action. The guide can be viewed in full here.

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