Recruiting and Retaining the Best Global Talent – Post Brexit

April 30, 2018

‘We would be delighted to bring this seminar in-house to your HR team if of interest’

We recently hosted a seminar for a number of our key clients and contacts, providing them with an overview of some of the Brexit-related employment and immigration issues facing HR professionals, and providing them with practical advice to assist. The seminar looked ahead to what the immigration system and employment law landscape might look like post Brexit, and a more detailed breakdown of the programme is below.

We would be delighted to bring this seminar in-house to your HR team if this would be of interest, so please do get in touch with Jonathan and Stephen if you would like to arrange this.


Brexit effects on recruitment

  • EU talent pool disrupted.
  • “Hostile Environment” – Government clamping down on immigration compliance.
  • Shortage of necessary skills in UK domestic labour market.


What might the UK immigration system look like post Brexit?

  • New routes for EU nationals in 2018.
  • Tier 2 – is it fit for purpose?
  • The Government’s plans for UK immigration policy.


Holding a Sponsor Licence crucial to attract and retain the best overseas talent

  • Why should I consider applying for a Sponsor Licence?


Home Office Audits

  • Preparation is key – what should you be doing now?
  • What HR documents will the Home Office expect to see?
  • What to do if the Home Office turn up unannounced – step by step guide.


General Employment Update – employment law developments including potential effects of Brexit on employment law landscape.

Key Contacts