Understanding Cyber Security – Free Course

November 17, 2015

Understanding Cyber Security – Free Course

A recent report revealed that 81 per cent of large organisations and 60 per cent of small ones suffered a breach of security in 2014.

With cyber attacks on most businesses (at least in the form of emails carrying viruses) now a routine occurrence, it is of great importance to firms to understand and address the potential risks that a breach of information security can present.

Not only is there the potential for the theft of assets or business-critical information but also the loss of data protected under the Data Protection Act 1998 can lead to very substantial fines.

However, a free online training course is available to help businesses protect themselves against such threats.

The course contains four modules, which cover:

  • an understanding of the risks and potential impact on businesses and individuals of a breach of information security;
  • the responsibilities and legal requirements which apply;
  • managing cyber-risk; and
  • examples setting out potential scenarios applying to cyber-risk and what to do when confronted with them.