Our Approach

We employ commercially savvy lawyers who clients enjoy working with

It goes without saying that all of our lawyers and support staff are highly qualified and professional. All invest time in training to ensure they have a clear understanding of the issues which impact their clients. We are especially proud of the wide range of expertise, knowledge and experience found within the firm.

Our clients appreciate lawyers that are flexible and responsive

When the unexpected arises, or a challenging deadline is set, our lawyers work diligently alongside clients to help them achieve their objectives. Some testimonials from clients include:

  • “We treat the lawyers at Kerman & Co as an extension of our own team. They know how we work and understand our own business”.
  • “Their experience advising listed companies with assets in emerging markets, and completing cross-border transactions is second to none.”
  • “I would highly recommend Kerman & Co, they have been very responsive and provided excellent advice. I like the way they go the extra mile”.

We take a commercial and tactically astute approach

We take a pragmatic approach to our work; after all, we recognise that time spent with lawyers is time away from the business. Clients find that we actively seek out, and invariably find, practical and workable solutions to their individual challenges. We offer flexible and innovative fee structures that allow us to offer value for money solutions, at attractive rates for the City without compromising on quality.

We invest in technology that offers real value to our clients

We believe that investing in technology allows us to work smarter. We use technology to automate much of what we do, allowing us to provide a more efficient and cost effective service to our clients.

We work hard to attract and retain the best talent

Offering great work and clear career progression allows us to recruit and retain the best lawyers. Like our clients, we embrace diversity. We employ staff from a range of educational and cultural backgrounds and where possible, our staff work flexibly.

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