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Organisations are increasingly more international, requiring a diverse mobile workforce. In order to attract and retain global talent, it is important to seek expert advice to ensure you get things right. From start-up entrepreneurs to large global companies, our experienced Immigration Team can provide personalised solutions to all your immigration needs. We lobby on behalf of our clients and our excellent contacts at the Home Office enable us to resolve issues quickly and effectively.

Our Immigration Team take the time to understand your business. In turn we can help your business to grow domestically and internationally, by assisting with the recruitment and retention of the brightest and best global talent. Our straightforward advice and streamlined processes enable us to guide individuals through the complexities of the visa process, with minimal disruption to their daily working life.

We understand the decision to relocate to the UK is not just about getting the law correct – it is a huge personal step for many international families. One of the main reasons for international assignments failing is family objectives not being considered. We focus on providing practical advice to partners and children accompanying new employees, to ensure personal needs, schooling, holidays and accommodation are factored into the visa process.

We provide day to day legal advice to employers on a variety of issues, and keep you up to date with our regular client alerts. We help you to navigate the complex UK immigration rules and the changing Brexit landscape. Global mobility is multi-disciplinary and will most of the time involve working together with our Employment Team. We’ll work closely with you to give the best advice along with practical solutions. To find out more, please get in touch.

Our immigration expertise includes:

  • Assisting clients obtain Sponsor Licences – A UK company requires a Licence from the Home Office to sponsor a non-EEA national in the UK.
  • Compliance support – The Home Office places the compliance responsibility on employers and we can advise and prepare you for any Home Office compliance visits. We regularly undertake mock audit “health checks” involving our experienced team attending your offices to undertake a review of your files, HR processes and current immigration policies to ensure you pass any future Home Office visits. If required our Employment Team can draft office manuals, employment contracts and offer letters to assist with the HR documentation.
  • Tier 2 Work Visas – Advise on the most appropriate category of visa (General, ICT etc.) based on business needs and requirements.
  • Short Term Business Visas – It is not always necessary to obtain work visas, often short term business trips and international commuting arrangements suit the business best. We provide compliance assessments and practical advice for your short-term business visitors to the UK. We can draft and advise on a robust Business Visitor Policy document.
  • Brexit strategy – Advisory support on the impact of upcoming changes to immigration laws and policies.
  • Spouse and children applications – Provide a full assessment of the options available to family members.
  • Settlement and Citizenship – Advise on obtaining settlement, naturalisation and British passports applications.
  • Sports visas – Tier 2, Tier 5 and sports visitor applications, also assist with Governing Body Endorsements.
  • Tier 5 (Creative) visas – For TV/film and advise on short term one off performances under the Permitted Paid Engagement (PPE) route.
  • European applications – Assist EU nationals with applying for Permanent Residence and EEA family permits.
  • Tier 5 Internship visas – Advise on the most appropriate visa options for individuals coming to undertake paid and unpaid internships/work placements in the UK.

Representative Immigration Experience

Our team’s immigration expertise includes:

  • Successfully represented a global IT company in resolving a Tier 2 Sponsor Licence revocation, ensuring the licence was reinstated at the early stages of the Judicial Review process.
  • Undertook a full audit of HR systems and processes for a large US law firm, providing a detailed report and recommendations for best practice immigration compliance.
  • Advised a world-renowned Architects practice on their Brexit strategy, providing presentations and workshops for around 80 EU employees. Successfully obtained Permanent Residence and British Citizenship for several key employees.
  • Advised a multinational media company on the UK visa requirements for a mixed martial arts sporting event at Wembley Arena. Assisted both the fighters and on-air talent entering the UK.
  • Assisted a well-known Hollywood actor obtain a visitor visa to attend a film shoot in the UK.
  • Assisted a Brazilian international footballer obtain visas for his wife and child while he was playing for a Premier League team.
  • Advised a German based pharmaceutical company on their immigration obligations following an acquisition of an Oxford based laboratory and its workforce.
  • Advised a Russian film company bringing 10 post production film editors to work in the UK on Tier 5 creative visas.
  • Worked closely with accountants to assist a US tech company set up a UK presence under a Sole Representative Visa.
  • Advised a US private equity fund on visas for summer internships taking place in the UK. Coordinating training plans and advising on National Minimum Wage compliant salary packages.

Brexit and your workforce

Put simply, from March 2021 a large numbers of EU nationals will need some form of documentation in order to live and work in the UK. The Withdrawal Agreement has yet to be finalised, however in the meantime it is important to stay agile and plan ahead.  We recommend following our 4 step approach:

  1. Audit – Undertake a full audit of your current workforce to gather data on their nationality. You will need to monitor your EU workforce much more closely if work permission is required in the future.
  2. Regularise your EU workers – An immigration audit will also highlight your current EU workers that could apply for permanent residence and possibly a British passport before Brexit occurs around March 2019. Alternatively we can advise on the new “settled status” or “temporary residence permit” via the transitional arrangements that should exist after we leave the EU.
  3. Staff involvement – Reassure your staff that although not guaranteed there are transitional arrangements in place to allow EU nationals living and working in the UK to obtain permanent residence in the UK. We can attend your offices and provide a comprehensive “Brexit surgery” session to discuss the current position and answer any questions or concerns your workforce may have.
  4. Plan for sponsorship – Apply for a Sponsor Licence from the Home Office now, in order to assist non- EU and possibly EU workers to obtain a UK visa after Brexit.

Global Immigration

As a member of the Alliuris group we can also offer immigration services via our global network of law firms with offices in more than 20 countries across the globe and cities such as; Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Dublin, New York, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing and New Delhi. We will act as your point of contact and seamlessly coordinate visas around the world when required.

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